—–Mosaics are as old as the concept of art itself. In places like Mexico, Turkey, Spain and Italy,  they started as functional ways to decorate  buildings of all kinds, but nowadays, their uses are numerous – from public art, to adding colour to a drab staircase or kitchen table.

DESCRIBE UNDER TEACHING PROCESS — Regardless, the process of creating a piece remains the same: small pieces of ceramic or glass tile or stone are placed together to create an image. After the drying time is done, the spaces in between the tiles are filled with grout, or for outdoor pieces, just the existing cement acts as the space filler.—–

The company name comes from the chip-chip mollusk on the Caribbean beaches. The multi-coloured shells cover the beach in low-tide and the sand acts as a grout, weaving through the abstract pattern.

while working -counter top

With twenty years of practice in sculpture (bronze, ceramic, mold-making ) and twelve years of mosaic experience, Tonya can help you ——–

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